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Services for Plexiglass helps keep kids safe from falling or getting stuck.  Safe Baby Boundaries believes strongly in childproofing balconies.
Plexiglass For Railings
Services Kidco deluxe gates are our most popular gates and do a superb job in babyproofing homes.
Standard Black Gate
Services We can gate any staircase.  Experience allows us to babyproof the most difficult staircases.
Services We want our childproofing to look good too.  Some customers want painted mounts.  Safe Baby Boundaries is happy to do this.
Plexiglass on Railing with Gate
services Irregular or wide openings require special gates for babyproofing.
Configure Gate
services SBB can safely attach gates to even the most hard-to-childproof areas.
Glass Mounted Gate
Chicago Childproofing Services
Standard White Gate
Child safety services in the home is very important to Safe Baby Boundaries.  Babyproofing you can count on.
Custom Made Mount
services The correct measurements are important for safety in any application.  Call a professional to make sure the babyproofing is done right.
Plexiglass Fireplace Insert
services Chlld proofing should never be substituted for adult supervision.
Plexiglass On Railing
baby safety for the home
Glass Mounted Gate
chicago childproofing services
Stair Cut Plexiglass
Professional childproofing services
Standard Black Gate
Custom cut plexiglass is a great childproofing service
Plexiglass for Fireplace
Childproofing Services Chicago
Black Gate
Chicago Childproofing services
Furniture Style Wood Gate
Chicago Childproofing Services
Formed Plexiglass for Spiral Staircase
Chicago Childproofing Services
Formed Plexiglass for Spiral Staircase
Childproof gate mount build out
Space Saving Mount Build-Out
Childproof railings
Baby Safety Solutions
Plexiglass For Railings
Beautiful childproof gates
Stained Gate Option
Babyproofing Chicago
Configure Gate
Custom mounts for child safety gates
Gates with Custom Mounts & Plexiglass for Railing
Custom plexiglass for railings
Formed Plexiglass for Railings
custom Childproofing services
No Holes Mounting Solutions
custom childproofing services
No Drill Mounting
Baby safety
Custom Cut Plexiglass

Custom-Fit Plexiglass & Gates