Fireplace Safety

Clamp-On Hearth Guard (Black, Brown, Gray)
Surround your hearth with this soft, padded cushion to protect kids from rough edges and sharp corners.  This guard has an adjustable, sturdy metal frame that is covered with fire reistant padding so you do not have to remove it when the fireplace is being used.  Easily installs on brick hearths.  Fits widths from 45"-78" and depths to 18".

Adhesive Mount Hearth Guard (Black, Brown, Gray, Taupe)
Surround your heath with this soft, padded cushion.  This guard mounts with adhesive tape.  Fits widths up to 110" and depths up to 20".  Add extensions for longer lengths.


Soft Seat Hearth Pad (Brown or Taupe)
Our newest hearth pad covers more of your hearths surface for addded protection and soft sitting.  Flame retardant so you can operate the fireplace without removing the pad.  Fits widths up to 90" and measures 13" deep.  Mounts with adhesive tape.


Adhesive Mount Hearth Pad (Black, Brown, Gray, Taupe)
This soft, padded cushion covers rough edges and hard corners to help keep kids safe.  Easily installs with adhesive tape.  Fits widths up to 60" and depth up to 9".


Fireplace Door Guard

This fireplace door guard helps prevent hands and fingers from getting pinched in fireplace doors.  Mounts over the handles of swinging or folding doors to lock them in place.  Fits fireplace doors with horizontal handles.


Kidco HearthGate
The Kidco HearthGate system can be customized to surround any size and shape hearth.  It protects tots from heat and flames as well as the hearth's rough corners and edges.  A walk-through door opens in either direction with a convienient one-hand adult release.  29.5" high.


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