Fire Safety

Fire Escape Ladder

Our Fire Escape Ladder was designed by a firefighter so it is extra safe.  It is a must for every multi-level home.  Unlike conventional style ladders it unfolds instantly without tangling.  Just hook the handles onto the windowsill, pull open the Velcro cover and you can make a quick exit.  The ladder becomes rigid when stepped on so it won't sway.  It features "stand-offs" and wide, anti-skid steps for safer footing.  Aluminum and plastic construction make it lightweight and easy to handle.  Glow-in-the-dark straps aid visability at night.  Holds up to 600 lbs.

4 story $199.95     3 story $149.95     2 story $99.95

First Alert Heavy Duty Home Fire Extinguisher
The First Alert Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher is effective against common household wood, paper, fabric, flammable liquid and live electrical fires.  The easy-to-read color coded gauge provides accurate measurement and the metal pull pin with safety seal helps prevent accidental discharge.  The chemical resistant and water proof label with 4-step instructions won't deteriorate.  Includes bracket and strap for secure placement.

Kidde Home Fire Extinguisher

This disposable fire extinguisher is ready to fight small fires before they spread.  Helps prevent reflames. 


Carbonmonoxide Detector
You can't see or smell it, but carbon monoxide gas is poisonous.  It can come from automobiles and other sources such as chimneys, wood or gas stoves, gas dryers, water heaters or gas or oil furnaces.  Your Kitchen, garage, basement or fireplace area are likely locations where the gas can build to dangerous levels.  That's why the Consumer Product Safety Commision advises that every home have a detector mounted near bedrooms and utility areas.  This detector plugs into any standard 120 volt wall outlet and continuously monitors for carbon monoxide.  It sounds a warning if low levels of carbon monoxide are present and triggers a loud 85 decibel alarm at hazardous levels.  Includes self-test feature, test/reset button and 5-year comprehensive warranty.  UL approved.  Features a battery back-up and digital display.
Long Life Smoke & Fire Detector
This smoke and fire detector uses a lithium battery that you won't have to charge for 10 years.  That's more protection than other battery powered detectors.  It has a loud 85 decibel alarm that responds immediately to smoke or fire and an idicator light that flashes every 45 seconds so you will know it is working properly.  A special silencer button decreases sensitivity for 10 minutes for fewer nuisance alarms.  Low battery signal beeps when battery needs replacement.  UL approved.  Battery included.

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