Electrical Safety

Safety Plate Outlet Cover

This is our favorite outlet cover.  Just insert a plug and slide to plug in.  As soon as you remove the plug, the special cover snaps shut to protect little fingers from the outlet.  Comes in decorative (two screw) or standard (one screw).

2 pk. $7.98   25 pk. $94.95

Plug and Outlet Cover
Not only will this cover help protect kids from the outlet but it will cover the plug and shorten the cord.  Comes in Decorative (two screw) and Standard (one screw).


Home Guardian Outlet Protector
This unique outlet attachment keep electricity off until you need it.  It is equipped with dual sensors that detect the insertion of a proper plug which will only then allow electircity to flow to the outlet.  Helps protect even the most curious tots.


Plug and Outlet Cover
This outlet cover completety encloses outlets and plugs and allows cords to thread through a bottom opening.  Comes only in Standard (one screw) style outlets.

4 pk. $9.49

Expandable Power Strip Cover
Our Power Strip Cover expands to fit most power strips.  Features a vented cover to prevent overheating.  The cover locks securely to keep little hands out.  Measures approximately 8"L x 4.5" W x 3" D.


Auto Sendor Night Light with Outlet Cover
Combining nighttime lighting needs with outlet protection this night light goes on automatically when the room lighting gets dim.  A dimmer lets you set the brightness level.  The outlet cover swivels shut to protect the unused socket.  Fits all standard outlets.


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