Furniture Safety

Pro-Strap Furniture Stap (Black or White)

This professional furniture strap works in places where others will not and is easy to install.  Features a metal cam lock buckle which makes tensioning after installation a breeze.
2 pk. $19.95

Furniture Brackets
Prevent furniture tipovers!  These safety brackets are great for small pieces of furniture.  We recommend two straps for each piece of furniture.

8 pk. $9.95

Pro Grade Flat Screen TV Lock
Secure your flat screen TV.  This TV lock will prevent the set from moving forward or backward.  Locking bar extends 6" to 20" from the wall and pivots left to right for the perfect viewing angle.  Fits 32" to 60" flat screen televisions.


Safety Locking Strap

Prevent appliances from slipping and sliding with these clever straps.  They mount quickly with heavy-duty adhesive.  Great for TVs, computers, microwaves and more.

2 pk. $14.95

Table Cushion, 4 Corners & 12' of Edge (Black, Brown, Taupe)
This deluxe padding is great for sharp corners and edges found on talbes, countertops, cabinets and walls.  They are easily cut to size and attach with double-sided adhesive.


Deluxe Corner Cushions (Black, Brown, Taupe)
These soft foam cushions are are the perfect safeguard!  They attach easily and stay secure with double-sided adhesive.

4 pk. $9.95

Deluxe Edge Cushion (Black, Brown, Taupe)
This soft foam edging is the perfect safeguard.  Protect tots from sharp edges on brick, tables, countertops, wall and more.  Attach easily and securely with double-sided adhesive.

Four 18" pieces $19.95

Edge Cushion, 12' (Black, Brown, Ivory)

Cushion the sharp edges and corners of table and counters with these padded cushions.  These are great for round tables too!  Easily attaches with double-sided adhesive.


Toddler Shield (Black or Natural)
This protective padding wraps around tables to help protect tots from sharp corners and hard edges.  Four padded inserts fit into the corners for extra cushioning.

Small 141"-192" $49.95  Large 193"-270" $69.95

Plant Saver
This childproof cover protects your child and your plants.  Just slip this mesh cover under a planter and slide it around the rim.  Tighten the drawstring around the stem of the plant and secure the locking clasp.  Keeps exploring fingers out the dirt!  You can even water your plants without removing the cover.  Fits 16"-20" pots.

Small $12.95  Large $17.95

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