Door Safety

Soft Jam One-Piece Door Stop

Our Door Stop features one-piece styling so they are safer than conventional door stops.  This door stop helps prevent choking and finger pinching because there are no springs or small parts that remove.

6 pk. $9.95

Finger Shield Guard
No more pinched fingers!  This unique device protects fingers from the hinge side of doors, yet allows the door to open and close freely.  Installs easily with adhesive.  Measures 39".  Install another one for added height.


Door Positioner
Keeps doors firmly positioned in one place to help protect little ones.  Just push the door over this device to lock the door into place, then step on either side of it to release.
2 pk. $9.98

Door Mouse
Just slip the Door Mouse over the top or side of doors.  It creates a space so little fingers don't get caught between the door and the frame.

2 pk. $6.99

Flip Lock (Gold, Chrome, White)
Lift and flip this lock to open the door.  Flip it back and the door stays locked.  Ideal for pantries, closets, utility rooms and any other doors that swing into a room.

2 pk. $7.98

Pro Grade Lever Handle Lock
Our Lever Door handle Lock works with the natural motion of the door handle.  It freatures a push-and-slide action to unlock and lock.  A special indicator lets you know it's in the locked position.  Mounts with heavy-duty adhesive.


Kidco Door Knob Lock
This favorite item quickly snaps over your door knob to prevent toddlers from opening doors.  Just pinch the unique side grips together and you can twist the door knob, but your toddler can't.

4 pk. $9.95

Deluxe Bi-Fold Door Lock
This lock covers the hinged area of bi-fold doors to prevent them from opening.  Special insert lets you adjust for all popular door sizes.  Features an easy-grip wand for shorter adults. 

2 pk. $9.98

Deluxe Top Door Lock
This door lock rests on top of the door so tots can't reach it.  A peg mounts on the door frame and the latch slides around the peg to lock and release.  Opens from either side of the door.  Easy-grip wand for shorter adults.  Fits all standard interior doors.

2 pk. $9.98

Sliding Door Latch
This latch helps keep tots from opening sliding closet doors.  To open, just flatten the curved ends and the front door slides over the lock.  When the doors are closed, it locks automatically.  Attaches with adhesive.

4 pk. $6.98

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